Gary Kahn &
Human Bean Productions

Originally the electric pianist of the underground group Hear Now, Gary Kahn has been playing piano and writing songs since the age of seven. Hear Now played at various clubs around Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley and Topanga Canyon areas in the 1980's. Following Hear Now, in the early 1990's, Gary was a member of Cornerstone, an acoustic "Americana" group (before the word was coined for that type of music), which played at various coffeehouses in the San Fernando Valley. Since then, he has focused on raising a family and writing and recording music in his home studio. His two previous releases, Turn Around (now out of print) and Some Folks Old, invoke the influences of American and British rock and roll, folk, as well as psychedelic and rhythm and blues, not to mention baroque and romantic era chamber music. His new CD single (summer, 2013; also to be available on iTunes) ranges from psychedelia to primitive garage band.